Recognize You have to control that, that you as parents do, and to be honest on this account.

All of us need to work on, that to get on with each other and to recognize that we different.

Dr Dorothy of Rouv, psychologist and writer Be realistic.

Recognize that from the child very easily to expect behavior which does not correspond it yet increased that.

Unrealistic hopes of parents are unfair and inog yes are cruel, if child to criticize for that he him not honeycombs vetstvut.

Important relationship Respect identity of each child.

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Therefore That is to imitate it, to become it, without having lost, certainly, the personality because it promises the most great happiness in life, happiness to be darling.

Therefore in spite of the fact that, really, the best tutor for the boy is a father and the best tutor for the girl is mother, it does not occur as if rectilinearly, directly, by the principle: boys on the left, girls to the right.

Any movie even if it is shot very qualitatively and has very good plot, but is not supported with emotionally rich music, looks dostaktochno chilly.

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All games

All games Work with feelings and Friends, In one game on each party of a playing bone it was written a nazva scientific research institute of emotion.

Children have to discuss emotion which drops out after a throw and to tell, in what situation they this emotion to Osh shawls.

All games and discussions are adjusted to age, knowledge and experience of children.

From that you will speak with fiveyearold children about ge to the royena, it is not enough advantage.

But to them it is possible to talk about drugs.

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These are living

These are living Under the provision of rather concrete star it shows, to what category of living beings the person otnoksitsya.

Besides category of dev as on a Sanskrit call inhabitants of the highest planets, there is still a category of a nar, that is inhabitants of average planets.

These are living beings who are embodied here repeatedly, repeatedly.

There is one more category from which rare Parents would like to receive voluntary to themselves children.

It is category of a rakshas, that is children who come from the lowest planets.

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Instead Usually it answers immediately, but sometimes reflects and gives out council, to which I never doduma las.

My wife hates when I say to her that is necessary to tell or as it is necessary to tell.

It is best of all, when I I use skills itself and I do not tell anything to it.

But it after all acquired something, as on the following morning when we very much hurried, our daughter of refusal las to put on a jacket.

Instead of arguing, my wife provided it a choice.

She asked the daughter, whether she wants to put on a jacket correctly or back to front.

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